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Being in a state of denial for many decades, the world has finally come to a centre stage to push the innovations to make the use of renewable energy mainstream and accessible to all. Among many renewable sources of energy, we would say that Solar has got the most traction given its potential as a non-intermittent source of energy. It is the future, and it is high time for all the stakeholders amongst the best solar energy companies to make the most of it.

Gratefully, our nation is a frontrunner in adding the green energy at its disposal to lead the way to net-zero emissions. To strengthen its pledge in the course, India aims to add 500 GW of green energy by 2030. We are on the right path to achieving our mission by viewing global partnerships and current market stats.

Now the question is in front of us. Why should we make the most of solar energy?

The sun is the powerhouse of the entire solar system. Factually, it has more power for the world to replace all the conventional power sources. That’s why the popularity and demand for solar PV panel installations have increased unprecedently. Today, Solar panels are used for commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. It is easy to install solar panels at a much lower rate and get electricity with rooftop solutions. Complementing the technology, our BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) has also become innovative to leverage stored energy to supply when there is no sunlight available for the solar rooftop panels.

So if we want to achieve our mission to make the earth a green planet again, we need a clean power source like solar and harness it as our predominant energy source. To make this vision a reality on the ground, all the stakeholders, including our government & energy companies have to work together. Our government featured the solar sector in a prominent space in Budget 2022 with an additional 19500 crores under the PLI scheme for manufacturing solar modules in India.

Even our top solar energy companies in India are spearheading this revolution through their strong R&D and innovation. Being the fourth largest and most attractive renewable energy market globally, our native energy organizations have made huge strides in making energy more efficient and affordable.

Tata Power Solar, Fourth Partner, Sunsure energy, Amplus Solar, Jakson Solar emerged as the top solar rooftop companies in India in the calendar year (CY) 2021, according to Mercom’s recently released India Solar Market Leadership 2022.

In another development, according to Mercom’s latest report, which provides insight into the industry leaders’ market share and shipment rankings across the Indian solar supply chain, Tata Power Solar, Sunsure Energy, Jakson Solar, Roofsol Energy, and Havells India are featured as India’s leading solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies in CY 2021. The first three combined accounted for 34% of the total market share in the same calendar year.

Technically speaking, a solar rooftop power plant is a photovoltaic system with electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure. Solar PV Panels are easy to install as they only require 10 square metres per kW of installed capacity. They are small compared to ground-mounted photovoltaic power stations within the megawatt range. At the same time, solar PV panels on residential buildings have about 5 to 20 kW. On the other hand, those mounted on a commercial building can reach a capacity of 100 kW or more.

As we mentioned, other promising innovations like Battery Energy Storage Systems, Micro inverters have made solar Rooftop installations have become more favourable.

Let us understand in detail why it’s a good investment:

Offers the option of Net-metering: Most of the states in India are offering the opportunity of net-metering. By choosing this option, a consumer can sell the excess energy to the grid. This model encourages more consumers to opt for green energy as it comes with a way to generate extra income.

Offers cost savings: The innovative interventions and investments have made the rooftop solar model significantly more cost-effective than industrial and commercial electricity. In some parts of India, it is 25 to 30 % cheaper than local Discom providers. It is helpful for residential sectors as it can supply electricity directly to their building through the grid.

Increases access in remote areas: India has many areas, including rural and urban, where the electricity supply is in shambles. In places like these, India’s model of solar PV panels could serve as the most reliable source of electricity as they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives like diesel generators.

Utilizes existing space: Generally, solar projects require ample space to install panels and other devices. Contrary to that, installing the best solar panels in India can be done by utilizing the existing space available on the roof of a building. It reduces the need to invest in buying additional land for the installations. Furthermore, the rooftop panels offer additional protection to the roof of the building.

Green source of energy: The solar rooftop model is a significant source of green energy compared to other conventional energy sources. There is no usage of fuel, noise and emission in generating electricity. Thus, adapting to the rooftop solar model reduces carbon footprints and contributes to the vision of sustainability.

Infinitely Renewable: The sun is an infinite source of energy. So one opting for solar energy doesn’t need to worry about clean and free energy sources.

A Road to Conclusion

Solar Rooftop systems have become a popular power source, i.e. electricity generation. Even you can go solar and save money and the planet with solar rooftop solutions for residential solar and panels commercial use

With the proper planning and implementation of the model, you can have a renewable power supply source at minimal expense.

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