Jakson Group has taken the lead indeveloping a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which provides carbon-free clean power, contemporarily designed to suit all segments and enables uninterrupted power supply while significantly reducing costs. Along with promoting continuous use of renewable energy and reducing the carbon footprint, BESS also promises no noise or air pollution and is a highly user-friendly pick. Equipped with a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion batteries, and smart energy systems, it combines grid power, solar energy, and DG (Optional). It is scalable to any battery as well as to a new energy platform. Its compact and modular design makes it easy to transport and install, while fast-charge capability and low-system energy consumption make it practical and pocket-friendly. Uninterrupted power supply provided by BESS ensures there are no production losses and day to day operations and processes continue without disruption.

Zero diesel requirement equates no running cost and zero maintenance while providing instantaneous power backup. Uninterrupted power supply is especially crucial for industries such as healthcare, defence, cold storage, IT and Telecommunication, ATM etc. where even a few minutes of power disruption comes at a huge cost. The usage of Jakson BESS is also a step towards mission “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” of the Government of India, by committing to mitigate climate change and building a Self-reliant India.


Zero Carbon Emission : Silent & Clean Power
Uninterrupted Power Supply, Instant Back-up
Zero Maintenance
Modular Construction
Wide Range available meeting residential, commercial and industrial needs
Negligible Running Cost & High Life Cycle
Zero Operational Losses like Fuel theft
No Statutory Approvals Required
Designed for Heavy Duty Loads such as AC and Motor Loads

USPs OF JAKSON Energy Storage Systems

No Noise or Air Pollution due to Clean Power

Zero Diesel Requirement = No Running Cost = Zero Maintenance

Instantaneous Backup = Zero Production Losses

Zero dependency on fluctuating diesel prices

100% Saving on O&M Cost

Optimized Sizing of DG and Increase in Overall Efficiency

Ability to Cater 100% Load of Capacity

Minimum 10-year Life (or 3000 cycles)

Can be charged with any available source- DG/ Solar/Grid

No Operation Losses (like fuel theft, etc.)

Minimum 10-year Life (or 3000 cycles)

Compact and Modular (i.e. option to enhance capacity in future)


Diesel Savings and Reduced Energy Bills

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Managed Power Cuts

Instantaneous Backup Resulting in Production Loss Savings

Unlock Full Potential of Renewables

Optimized Sizing of DG and Increase in Overall Efficiency

Critical Applications

Health Care

What does it take to overcome health emergencies / crises? Healing hands of doctors, prayers and an uninterrupted power supply A Doctor’s steady hands need to be supported by steady power supply in Operation Theatres


Saving lives of those who save our lives. Providing competent arms & ammunition to our national heroes is not enough, we need to provide them with competent power backup as well. Continuous Power Supply to the Army – A matter of National Security

IT & Communications

Are managing servers & networks becoming a challenge due to power cuts caused due to unpredictable weather? The world is moving towards AI & reduced human-touch, Does your power backup support this need?

Cold Storage

Global warming and melting glaciers are enough of a concern, let power outages not damage your products


Continuous cash flow is a blessing: Now your ATMs will be powered continuously

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