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From groundbreaking developments to behind-the-scenes glimpses, we hope this journey gives you an insight into the heart of Jakson.

GE – Mr Sameer Gupta 5:20

Decode some methods to balance our resources with Solar & Wind Energy |ET Now|

Conference on India 7:58

@2030 A Roadmap for AatmaNirbhar Bharat in Renewable Energy

Mr. Sameer Gupta 7:02

Speaking at an Event on Solar Energy

Jakson Core Values 2:02

Sameer Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, Jakson Group

Sameer Gupta, CMD 8:38

Jakson Group at UP Investors Summit 2018

Leverage Technology  10:34


Unveiling 2:00

of the Smart Module 2016

UP Investors 5:22

Conclave 2015

Mr Sameer Gupta 7:24

at CII Manufacturing Innovation Conclave 2015

World Class Solar Manufacturing 5:20

Facility in India | Jakson Group

Jakson Group’s State 3:27

of the Art Solar Module Manufacturing Facility at Greater Noida

Jakson Solar Module 0:45

Manufacturing Plant I Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Jakson 2:55

Corporate Film

Jakson Corporate 7:14

Office – IGBC Platinum rated

Ms. Shalini Kothakonda 1:27

Chairperson of Shree Hospitals sharing her experience using Jakson #DGsets

Mr. Venkat Rao 1:35

Head of Engineering, RVR Projects sharing his experience using Jakson #DGsets

Mr C. P. Gupta 2:59

MD- Ambica Steels Limited sharing his experience with Jakson’s EnerPack

Customer testimonial 10:07

review of Jakson Solar

Mr Ankit Jain 2:18

Managing Director, Lume Solar, sharing his experience with Jakson PV Modules

Delhi International School 3:40

discussing how Jakson Diesel Gensets have benefitted the school premises

Keshri & Company 3:30

Testimonial #Keshri&Company #Assam

V-Bazaar Testimonial 2:01

#vbazaar #buylocal

Customer Testimonial 4:28

I CHW Forge

Customer Testimonial 2:03

ATS Infrastructure

Customer Testimonial 5:16

R L Kashyap, SVP – GR Infraprojects

Customer Testimonial 2:55

Sunil Gupta, Sahil Power Systems

Mr. Sameer Gupta 19:50

in Pre Budget panel discussion on Power & Renewable Energy

Key HR trends for 2022 3:00

I Radhika Arora, Group CHRO, Jakson Group, on India Today Aspire

Girls learn self-defense 5:46

tricks by Jakson Group & Let’s Give Hope Foundation instilled confidence in girl students – India kk News

Girls learn self-defense 5:44

tricks by Jakson Group & Let’s Give Hope Foundation instilled confidence in girl students – A I N NEWS

Sameer Gupta, CMD 8:19

Jakson Group I TV9 Interview

Mr Sameer Gupta, CMD 49:45

Jakson Group in conversation with Mr. Reg Athwal from Family Business Academy

Jakson ELC 5:48

Coverage- SUN News

Jakson ELC 21:33

Coverage- Daman News

Sameer Gupta, CMD 28:08

Jakson Group at Lovely Professional University

Mr Sameer Gupta 26:16

CMD Jakson Group on ET Now Panel Discussion

Jakson Early Learning 2:39

Center Kalsar in S9 News Channel

Jakson Early Learning 2:21

Center Kalsar Coverage in Daman News

Jakson Early Learning 2:26

Center- Kalsar, Gujarat

Sameer Gupta, Chairman 15:44

Jakson Group at Chitkara University

Jakson coverage 4:49

in French National TV, France 2

Indian Railways 4:07

Installs Solar Panels On Local Trains

BMW i8 shot 8:56

at our Solar Power Plant, Bap, near Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Odisha gets its first 3:33

100% solar powered village

Jakson launches 0:55

operations in Telangana

Jakson launches 0:39

operations in Telangana

Jakson launches 2:17

operations in Telangana

Jakson solar 4:39

power plant in Bap, Rajasthan featured on Zee Business

Jakson commissions 0:27

Kanpur Engine Rebuild Facility

Mr. Sameer Gupta 5:46

MD- Jakson Power Solutions shares his views on Genset industry on Zee Business

Webinar on Women 16:09

in Renewable Energy Sector

Mr Sameer Gupta, CMD 36:42

Jakson Group, on “Why should EX Lead Your Board-room Agenda” by ETHRWorld

Mr Sameer Gupta, CMD 1:28:01

Jakson Group, chairing and moderating a session on “India – ASEAN

CII Regional Conference 55:32

“Revamp for Resilience” SorayaRebello Head – CSR & Corporate Communications

Live interaction 42:36

with Global Change makers with Ms Soraya – Head CSR & Corporate Communications

BW Dialogue 1:29:22

On Leadership with Mr. Sameer & Sundeep Gupta

Instant and Sustainable 0:50

Power Back Up Solution which helped in preventing data loss and productivity

Helia Series of PV modules 2:10

by Jakson, 600 Wp, highest output by an Indian Manufacturer

Jakson launches 1:39

The New Helia Series of Monofacial & Bi-facial PV Modules with power output of 590Wp

Launching EnerPack 3:53

the new Battery Energy Storage System

Power of Green 1:09

Jakson Diesel Gensets

Jakson Group commissions 1:12

50 MW solar power plant in Togo, Africa – French Version

Jakson Group commissions 1:12

50 MW solar power plant in Togo, Africa

50 MW Solar power plant 0:30

commissioned by Jakson Group in Kheragarh district of Agra, in Uttar Pradesh

1+ MW PV modules 1:38

for installation of residential rooftop solar plants in Uttarakhand

A 5.92 MW canal-top 1:11

Solar Power plant located in Jakhlaun Pump Canal in Lalitpur (UP)

A preview of Jakson 1:46

Solar Roof Top Installations in the city of Agra Uttar Pradesh

A quick sneak 2:01

peak into Jaksons IPP portfolio, being scaled up to 1GW shortly.

Jakson Solar Modules 1:35

Powering a 288 kWp Grid-connected Rooftop Solar Plant in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jakson Inns 1:32

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant 2:11

installed by Jakson Group for Jyoti Solar

Jakson Group’s 2:14

10MW Solar Power Plant Inauguration

Jakson Solar 2:10

IPP Rajasthan

Jakson Group 8 Weeks 0:59

Fitness Challenge Winners

Ms. Radhika Arora 1:36

Group CHRO hosting the HR Leaders panel at the ETHRWorld Future Skills Conference

Celebrating different 2:30

shades of Ambitious Women

A throwback on how 3:04

our Jakson Juniors celebrated Mother’s day

Diwali Celebration 2022 1:32

Jaksonites Celebrating 1:23

Women’s Day

A message from Jaksonites 2:02

I Stay Home, Stay Healthy

SAKSHAM Self Defense 2:46

Workshop by Lets Give Hope Foundation & JAKSON

An Initiative by Jakson 1:44

to sensitize people about the benefits of Solar Energy

Jakson Group contributing 0:46

to the spirit of Swachh Bharat, a cleanliness & plantation drive

Women In New Energy (WiNE) 5:32

Leadership Awards 2022

Jakson has extended Healthcare 2:25

support by providing an Ambulance to Indo -German Hospital, Ghaziabad

Jakson Supplies ICU 0:47

equipments for Covid Support

Successful implementation 4:10

of the Waste Management Project in Anand Vihar New Delhi

Employee Walkathon 1:51

2020 I Jakson Group

New English School Phaltan 3:34

Maharashtra I Supported by Jakson Group

Jakson Global Training 2:14

and Service Centre

Solar Energy Solutions 0:27

for your home & business

Jakson showcases 2:25

its Solar Products Range at Intersolar 2014, Mumbai

Jakson at 8th Renewable 1:05

Energy India Expo, 2014

Guruskool Episode 10 1:20


Guruskool Episode – 9 1:05


Guruskool Episode – 8 1:16


Guruskool Episode – 7 1:01


Guruskool Episode – 6 2:28


Guruskool Episode – 5 2:33

#SolarPanels #SolarPVmodules

Guruskool Episode – 4 2:35


Guruskool Episode – 3 2:12


Guruskool Episode – 2 2:57


Guruskool Episode – 1 2:39

Jakson Inns Phaltan 3:31


Walkthrough of Jakson Inns 48:33

Phaltan with Sandeep Talaulicar, MD – Jakson Hospitality

CII IGBC Fellowship 3:36

Award Winner 2019 – Sandeep Talaulicar, MD, Jakson Hospitality

Women in Energy 3:20

Episode 10 Watch Ms. Deboshree Das Executive Assistant, CMD office

Women in Energy 2:44

Episode 9 Watch Ms. Kanti Kujur Solar Module Manufacturing, Greater Noida Plant

Women in Energy 1:30

Episode 8 Watch Ms. Kanchan Rawat Sr. MIS Executive Distributed Energy

Women in Energy 2:01

Episode 7 Watch Ms. Shilpi Kumar Sr. Manager – Corporate Communications

Women in Energy 2:52

Episode 6 Watch Ms. Vaishali Jain Finance Controller – Distributed Energy

Women in Energy 2:54

Episode 5 Watch Ms. Parul Rastogi, Sr. Manager Solar Rooftop Distributed Energy

Women in Energy 1:35

Episode 4 – Watch Ms. Shobhna Pal, Asst. Manager, Solar IPP

Women in Energy 2:32

Episode 3 – Watch Ms. Neha Srivastava, DGM – EPC Sales & Tendering

Women in Energy 3:00

Episode 2 – Watch Ms. Soraya Rebello – Head CSR & Corporate Communications

Women in Energy 3:20

Episode 1 – Watch Ms. Radhika Arora, CHRO of Jakson Group

Women in Energy 0:43

Meet the Super Women of Jakson Group

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 2:58

Episode – 10

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 2:04

Episode – 8

Women in Energy 0:43

Meet the Super Women of Jakson Group

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 2:58

Episode – 10

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 2:04

Episode – 8

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:47

Episode – 7

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:43

Episode – 6

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:49

Episode – 5

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:29

Episode – 4

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:14

Episode – 3

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:30

Episode – 2

EQ in conversation 6:26

with Mr.Anurag Garg, COO Solar BU, Jakson Group | Solar Solutions | Solar Panel

Jakson solar | Jakson enerpack 11:18

lithium battery inverter | solar is my passion

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 1:34

Episode – 1 #naeemahpathak

Jakson Juniors Lockdown Diaries 0:38