Solar energy is the most abundantly available renewable energy resource on Earth, which carries the potential to cater to humankind's energy requirements in a sustainable manner. It can be obtained and used in several ways, and as a renewable energy source, it is an integral part of our desired affordable and clean energy future. Our solar power journey and capacity at Jakson have been continuously evolving and expanding at a phenomenal rate, thereby contributing to Goal 7 : Affordable and Clean Energy and Goal 13 : Climate Action of the Sustainable Development Goals for the United Nations Agenda 2030. This unprecedented growth and evolvement of Jakson as a leading solar power company has placed it among the top 10 solar companies in India with a goal and potential to soon become the best solar modules company in India.

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With a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence, Jakson ranks amongst the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India with a state-of-the-art solar PV modules manufacturing facility at Greater Noida - India with an annual manufacturing capacity of 500 MW being enhanced to 1 GW shortly. Jakson Solar Modules and Products Unit comprises manufacture and sales of Solar PV panels, Module Mounting Structures, Solar Power Packs and other innovative solar products and solutions. Jakson solar products portfolio includes a wide range of B2B and B2C products, which are distributed through a dedicated Channel Partner and Dealer network in India and overseas. These include Hybrid, On-Grid, and Off-Grid solar power packs ranging from 1 KW to 60 KW, which are predesigned and used by residential, commercial, and MSME customers for solar rooftop applications.

Jakson is also among the top 10 energy companies in India with a solid Independent Power Producer (IPP) portfolio. The company has a proven track record in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of high-performance independent solar power plants that deliver sustainable and green power to the grid. Jakson currently has a solar IPP portfolio of 200 MW with 60 MW of operational plants in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and is setting up another 120 MW of land based solar power plants in the states of Assam and Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, Jakson has 20 MW of operational solar rooftop installations in the country.

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