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The Government’s bold  goal of achieving a USD 5 trillion economy by 2024-25 aligns with the ambitious climate targets declared at COP26. Striking a balance between economic growth and sustainability is imperative, compelling a decisive shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources

Here’s Why India Must Focus on Battery Energy Storage

Changing from fossil fuels to renewable energy is essential to harmonize economic growth with sustainability. Enter Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), integral to round-the-clock power, in conjunction with Renewable Energy (RE). Evaluating BESS’s full potential requires policy reforms, like tax incentives, to enhance commercial viability. Ongoing technological advancements, such as sodium-ion and flow battery technologies, offer alternatives to lithium-ion batteries. 


Government initiatives, including the ‘National Framework for Promoting Energy Storage Systems,’ catalyze BESS adoption. Mandating 5% energy storage for RE projects and urgent BESS deployment is critical in meeting 2030 RE targets. Strategic efforts can position BESS as the backbone of India’s renewable energy sector, essential for realizing the nation’s net-zero goal by 2070.


In the dynamic landscape of India’s energy sector, the urgency to focus on Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) has become paramount. This urgency is a necessity and a strategic move towards a sustainable, reliable and resilient energy future.

Jakson Group, with its legacy of over 75 years, stands at the forefront of this energy revolution, excelling in innovative distributed energy solutions that redefine the nation’s power landscape.


The Legacy of Round—The-Clock Reliability

Jakson Group has been a stalwart in the energy sector for over seven decades, dedicated to transforming how nations access to power. At the heart of this commitment lies the relentless pursuit of innovation, ensuring that 24×7 power backup is not a luxury but a standard. The group’s expertise extends to diverse energy solutions, including solar rooftop systems and the linchpin of future energy infrastructure—Battery Energy Storage Systems.


Customized Solutions for National Security


Jakson Group’s contribution to India’s energy resilience is exemplified by its customized solutions for the Indian Army. Designed to withstand extremities, these solutions for defence applications are a testament to the group’s excellent commitment to empowering the nation with nothing but the best. 

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) significantly contribute to national security by enhancing energy independence, bolstering grid resilience, and supporting the integration of renewable energy. BESS is crucial in protecting critical infrastructure, ensuring deployable power in remote areas, and reducing dependence on imported fuels. Additionally, its support for electrified transportation contributes to energy security by diversifying energy sources and reducing reliance on traditional fuel supplies

Our Diverse Energy Portfolio

The group’s diverse business portfolio encompasses various aspects of the energy spectrum, showcasing its commitment to comprehensive energy solutions:


1. Diesel Generators: Jakson Group is a market leader in Cummins generators, boosting fuel efficiency, low emissions and rugged reliability. These generators provide reliable power backup, especially in areas where grid connectivity may be erratic.


2. Solar Rooftop: Excelling in innovative solar rooftop solutions, Jakson Group caters to the needs of government, commercial and residential sectors. Integrating solar power into the energy mix is crucial to sustainability and reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.


3. Microgrids: Jakson Group is pioneering the establishment of energy autonomy through microgrids, focusing on efficiency and sustainability. Microgrids represent a paradigm shift in energy distribution, offering localized and decentralized solutions.


4. Battery Energy Storage SystemsEnerPack: At the core of Jakson Group’s forward-looking approach is its advanced BESS—EnerPack. These Battery Energy Storage Systems provide uninterrupted power, efficient energy management, scalability and reduced costs. Our offerings’ repeated use of battery energy storage systems reflects their centrality in our vision for a sustainable energy future.


5. Defense-Special Application Gensets: Tailored, reliable and locally manufactured, these gensets provide power backup specifically designed for the Indian Armed Forces. Ensuring a continuous and stable power supply is paramount in critical defence applications.


6. Hybrid Energy Solutions: Jakson Group contributes to India’s renewable energy goals by offering reliable and sustainable power generation through hybrid energy solutions. It reflects a holistic approach to balancing conventional and renewable energy sources.


India’s Path to a Sustainable Future

India’s decision to join the Battery Energy Storage Systems Consortium for Renewable Energy Integration signifies a collective recognition of the pivotal role that battery storage systems play in achieving sustainable energy goals. This collaboration aligns with Jakson Group’s ethos of staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

In terms of funding, in September, the Government approved viability gap funding for developing Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The initiative targets the establishment of 4,000 MWh of BESS projects by 2030-31, offering financial aid of up to 40% of the capital cost through budgetary support in the form of VGF.

In terms of the overall future of BESS, according to the “Powering Progress: Batteries for Discoms – A Market Action Report on Accelerating Battery Energy Storage in India,” the integration of 392 GW of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE), comprising 100 GW of wind and 292 GW of solar, by 2030 would necessitate approximately 42 GW (208 GWh) of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The report highlights that the growing incorporation of VRE resources, particularly solar and wind, is a crucial catalyst for the increased adoption of grid storage.

In conclusion, the urgency for India to focus on Battery Energy Storage Systems is not just a strategic move; it’s a commitment to a future where power is reliable, sustainable and resilient.

Jakson Group, with its rich legacy and innovative solutions, stands as a beacon in this transformative journey, empowering India’s future with the best in energy technology.

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