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17th Oct 2022 I Tijarat Hindi Newspaper

Girls learn self-defense tricks by Jakson Group

3rd Oct 2022 I PV Magazine

Indian player reveals expansion plans, including manufacturing solar cells, electrolysers

30th Sept 2022 I Solar Quarter

Jakson Has Become The First Indian Manufacturer To Be ALMM Empanelled For Its 600 Wp Modules Using M10 Half Cut Cell Technology: Anurag Garg, COO – Solar, Jakson Group

30th Sept 2022 I EPC World

Renewable energy growth is accelerating faster than ever - Interview with Mr Kannan Krishnan, Global COO, Jakson Green Private Limited

30th Sept 2022 I Industry Analysis

India’s solar manufacturing to grow in manifolds

29th Sept 2022 I Taiyang news

REI 2022 Spotlights: Jakson To Venture Into Solar Cell Manufacturing & Expand Module Production While Eying Exports

28th Aug 2022 I PV Magazine

Jakson reveals plans to manufacture solar cells, electrolyzers

22nd Sept 2022 I ET ENERGY World

Allowing Solar imports in National Interest until Domestic players catch up: Industry    

5th Sept 2022 I Live mint

 Jakson Group Eyes Green Hydrogen Projects


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