Glass To Glass Solar PV Modules

Jakson manufactures state-of-the-art glass to glass solar PV modules ranging from 260 to 280 Wp for use in a wide range of BIPV applications such as roof, skylights, or facades to generate electricity out of sunlight. Based on proven polycrystalline technology, Jakson glass to glass modules are highly reliable and efficient while being cost effective at the same time. These modules are manufactured using automated production lines procured from Europe and installed at our manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, India. Jakson solar modules are sealed, weatherproof and highly durable with the ability to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiations and moisture.


  • 5 Busbar Solar Cell- 5 busbar cell design improves module efficiency and offers better power output
  • Weather Resilience- Certified to withstand high wind & snow loads
  • High Power Output- Our PV modules are compact in size and have been designed to deliver enhanced output and efficiency
  • Better Performance in High Temperature- Our PV modules deliver efficient performance even in high temperature conditions due to its improved temperature coefficient
  • Low Light performance- Advanced glass and cell surface texture design ensures excellent performance in low light environment
  • Enhanced Performance- Our PV modules provide more than 80% efficiency even after 25 years of operation
  • Global Certifications- Confirming to IS & BIS standard


  • Cell Type – Polycrystalline
  • No of Cells – 60
  • Power Output Range – 260 to 280 Wp
  • Efficiency – 16.40%
  • Power Tolerance – 0 to +5 Wp

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