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Silent Gensets/Silent Generators: The Silent Heroes During Emergencies

Critical Power during Healthcare Emergencies Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds, and we now have access to excellent life-saving machines and well-equipped healthcare facilities if the need may arise. Hospitals act as our life support systems during times of crises as well as for general healthcare needs.  However, one critical machine behind all these machines that acts as a backbone and often goes unnoticed is a generator. In situations of power outage, vital power is imperative to keep life support machines and other critical tools running to sustain human life and this is where generators jump into the…

Hybrid Diesel Gensets – A Cost Effective Power Back-Up Solution for Industrial Users

Diesel Gensets remain the preferred back-up power solution for industrial users worldwide. Although alternate back-up solutions have emerged in the past few years, diesel gensets remain the top-choice for industrial customers due to their time tested durability, reliability and performance. Technological advancements in diesel engine technology over the years have also helped this industry retain its superior edge in the face of competition. Although diesel gensets remain a popular choice, off-late it has been facing a few challenges. Thses include rising fuel costs, growth of renewables, government regulation and increased environmental activism that propose a complete shift to renewable energy….

The Future of Diesel Gensets in a World of Renewables

Diesel Genset India

With the rise in industrial revolution there was a rise in the requirement of power to run the various industries, including industrial plants, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining etc., to name a few. Since grid power has not been able to meet growing demands, especially in the developing world, a need for DG generated power is essential. Even those in the developed world are not free, from the need of power demands, as they constantly seek to ramp up there generation capacities. Just about two decades ago, fuel prices were so low that DG was widely used as a substitute for…