We believe in continuous and gradual improvement in performance as well as meeting objectives. Therefore, we have a scorecard-based performance management system to recognize and reward performance of employees. The motive of this initiative is also to share feedback with the employees, suggest PDP, MDP, LDP and respective programmes accordingly. Jakson is driven by a motivation to perform and achieve organizational success. Here, the ownership of the performance management process is not only on the HR team but collectively on the entire organization. Open communications and positive behavior are largely encouraged at Jakson, and employee empowerment and feedback collection are central.


We also believe that an empowered workforce is the best way to receive feedback and identify improvement areas. Through mailers, posters, and other modes of communication, we encourage employees to highlight concerns, grievances, and policy/integrity breaches. Various processes and committees such as Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committees are in place which provide all employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers a secure channel to raise grievances which is accessible 24x7.

These mechanisms encourage employees to raise concerns without the fear of reprisal and provide them with a fair and speedy means of dealing with complaints, which prevents minor disagreements from developing into more serious disputes. The platform serves as an outlet for employee frustrations and discontentment, if any, which are dealt with healthily and constructively.


The safety of women employees is of utmost priority at Jakson. We have adopted several measures like installing CCTV cameras, a cab facility for women employees for work-related travel, home drop post 7 p.m., proper verification of drivers, and support staff at all office locations, amongst others. We also organize periodic self-defense and safety & awareness programmes for all women employees.


Jakson organizes open townhalls from time to time to foster direct and instant communication between Chairman, Vice Chairman and the employees of the organization. This platform allows management to share important information with employees at large and, at the same time, enables employees to ask questions directly to the management. This direct flow of communication ensures there is a feeling of oneness and approachability within the Jakson family.


The company uses a high performance & user friendly HRIS systems for a better employee experience and greater employee engagement. This digital system simplifies access to vital employee information and leads to speedy and timely approvals. Mobile platforms & apps have been made available to employees to facilitate not just compensation, leave & attendance management but also engagement activities.


Jakson provides an environment of trust to all employees, which allows the cross-pollination of ideas. This environment adds to employee engagement as employees feel safe and relaxed in an environment that has the means to invite and respond to grievances. Furthermore, the organization ensures suitable and compatible salary structures with remuneration in line with market standards. It also promotes the provision of essential policies such as medical insurance and the well-being and security of its employees.

It is a constant endeavor at Jakson to provide higher job satisfaction and employee engagement at all times. The organization also strives to cultivate higher productivity, collaboration, and mutual respect and empathy among employees. The workplace culture is also constantly analyzed and improved, and Jakson believes in the retention and growth of valuable employees and talent.


We have corporate insurance plans that cover the individual employee and have options for including dependents and family members. Our office building is a LEED-certified Green Building with spacious, comfortable and ergonomically sound seating arrangements. We regularly conduct workshops to spread awareness on office ergonomics, helping employees adopt a healthy sitting posture to avoid neck and back pain. Mental health, physical health, and stress management workshops are also held from time to time to ensure the overall welfare of the employees.

The primary aim behind wellness initiatives is to ensure that our employees can balance work and family commitments, manage stress, and have a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Improvement in physical and mental well-being results in enhanced performance & productivity while boosting employee morale at the same time. This helps make Jakson a Great Place to work.

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