Jakson is committed to building a socially inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe in providing equal opportunities to people irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity, caste, social background, gender and sexual orientation, amongst others. Jakson strongly believes in ‘The Power of Difference’ and therefore leverages the business case for diversity and is on its journey to bring all kinds of diversity through its doors.

Hiring the Specially Abled

We believe that specially-abled people bring a unique approach and perspective to issues at work. We have therefore made a conscious effort to hire specially abled people across our various business and support functions within the organization. To ensure a comfortable work experience for this group, Jakson offers flexible working hours; work from home; specially designed office infrastructure like wheelchair ramps, working desks, washrooms, and an attendant on call at all times to provide for all their special needs. Our commitment to nurturing the talents of our specially-abled colleagues has resulted in efficient performance and long-term association with the organization.

Increasing the Percentage of Women Employees

The manufacturing and engineering services sector has been a traditional stronghold of male employees. At Jakson, we are trying to alter this matrix by hiring more women across various functions, including core engineering and manufacturing functions. Over the last few years, the organization has made significant progress in this regard and has increased its percentage of women employees considerably.

Leadership Roles for Women

Jakson strives to create an equal representation of women in leadership roles across various functions within the organization. Over the past few years, the organization has inducted several seasoned women professionals from the industry into its Board and leadership team. With a clear focus on promoting diversity at the highest level, the organization is committed to hiring women leaders in senior and middle management roles across various functions within the organization.

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