More Than 100 IOCL Fuel Pumps Powered by Jakson Solar Power Packs

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  • 100+ IOCL fuel pumps powered by Jakson solar power packs
  • Total installed capacity is approximately 1 MW
  • 3 KW to 15 KW Jakson On Grid / Off Grid / Hybrid power packs
  • Turnkey solar solutions include site survey, load analysis, system design, system supply, installation, commissioning and O&M
  • Locations covered so far – Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh



Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) commonly known as IndianOil is an Indian state owned oil and gas company headquartered in New Delhi. It has one of the largest petroleum marketing and distribution networks in Asia, with over 43,000 marketing touch points. In India, IOCL operates over 18,000 fuel stations spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Business Need

With the objective of reducing its carbon footprint, IOCL has actively propagated solar installations at its fuel pumps across the country. Attractive subsidy schemes have also been floated to incentivise adoption of solar energy.

Most pumps running on 24X7 operations therefore, efficient and reliable power management is of paramount importance. With ever-rising electricity and fuel costs, all businesses including fuel pumps are always under pressure to control operating costs. 

From an operational point of view as well, reliable power supply is critical for smooth functioning of fuel pumps. In the event of a power cut, the dispenser instantly shuts down, resulting in loss of fuel, money and time for the pump operators. Moreover, poor quality of power impacts the sensitively calibrated digital fuel dispensers. 

To combat growing operating costs, adoption of renewable energy like solar power has proven to be not only cheaper than grid electricity but also a reliable source of power, helping with higher efficiencies and reduced downtimes. 


Jakson has successfully executed 1 MW rooftop solar installations covering 100+ IOCL fuel pumps across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. Turnkey EPC solar solutions which included site survey, load analysis, system design, supply, installation, commissioning and O&M was also done by Jakson.

All the solar plants are powered by highly efficient Jakson On Grid / Off Grid / Hybrid power packs ranging from 3 KW to 15 KW, in accordance with IOCL guidelines. The pumps were offered customized solar power solutions depending upon its energy requirement and availability of grid power in the area. About 80% of fuel pumps were located in areas where grid power was highly intermittent. Jakson’s Off Grid / Hybrid power packs with its superior power backup provided an ideal solution during power cuts, enhancing productivity as well as saving on fuel costs. Additionally, net metering facility was provided for the On Grid power pack installations, where the petrol pumps could sell off excess power to the grid. This resulted in substantial electricity cost savings for the fuel pump operators.

Jakson’s customized solutions not only helped the pump operators in combating intermittent power supply but also resulted in smoother operations, higher productivity and substantial savings.

In order to maintain a good uptime, Jakson also provided training to the fuel pump personnel on regular plant maintenance such as cleaning of solar panels, battery care and general upkeep of the plant. Due to exceptional performance of Jakson’s power packs and after sales service, IOCL has approved Jakson to execute similar projects in East, West and South zones for all categories of solar rooftop power packs.

Benefits to IOCL fuel pump operators

  • IOCL subsidy benefits up to 65% for pump owners
  • 60% savings in energy costs
  • Return on Investment in 2-3 years
  • Tax benefits through accelerated depreciation
  • Eco friendly source of power
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Dear Stakeholders

The outbreak of the COVID -19 pandemic is a cause of concern for all of us. In these extraordinary circumstances, we at Jakson, are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving scenario and have put in place a slew of measures to ensure business continuity, employee safety so as to minimise impact of any disruptions. We remain deeply committed to our customers/stakeholders/employees and would like to update you on some of these actions:

  • Cross Functional Team - A cross functional team comprising members across various functions has been set up to monitor the situation. This team interacts every day to review customer orders, project sites status, supply chain constraints, review updates and take up risk mitigation actions.
  • Limiting Business Trips – While outstation travel has been suspended temporarily, we are encouraging use of video conferencing/skype etc to provide business continuity.
  • Risk Mitigation Plans – We are closely working with our business teams and developing specific contingency plans to minimise disruptions to all our customers.
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  • Employee Motivation - In these testing times, we continue to assure our employees and their families, of our commitment & support irrespective of anticipated business disruptions.
  • Stepping up CSR Activities - We are fully cognisant of the global & India impact of this pandemic and are therefore gearing up to commit a heightened level of participation and support to society through our CSR initiatives. We will keep you updated on these initiatives as well.

Jakson has a rich heritage of 70 years, which has been built on principles of strong commitment, trust & relationship. We wish to reiterate this and remain committed in the belief that together we will tide over the current situation.

We thank you for your association and support.

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