India has over sixty thousand petrol pumps spread across the length and the breath of the country. 26,849 of these belong to Indian Oil (IOCL), 14,675 to Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) and 14,161 to Hindustan Petroleum. All these petrol pumps typically have empty rooftop space which can be converted to rooftop solar plants to produce their own energy. This holds immense potential as it serves as a reliable source of power for running pump operations. It also enables substantial savings on electricity costs, while providing clean and green power.


The need for solar power

With the objective of reducing carbon footprint, most oil marketing companies have actively propagated solar installations at its fuel pumps across the country. Attractive subsidy schemes have also been floated to incentivise adoption of solar energy.

From an operational point of view as well, reliable power supply is critical for smooth functioning of fuel pumps. In the event of a power cut, the dispenser instantly shuts down, resulting in loss of fuel, money and time for the pump operators. Moreover, poor quality of power impacts the sensitively calibrated digital fuel dispensers.

Most fuel pumps run on a 24X7 operations format, therefore, efficient and reliable power management is of paramount importance. With ever-rising electricity and fuel costs, all businesses including fuel pumps are always under pressure to control operating costs. To combat growing operating costs, adoption of renewable energy like solar power has proven to be not only cheaper than grid electricity but also a reliable source of power, helping with higher efficiencies and reduced downtimes.

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