HELIA Series –Hi Performance Monofacial Modules

440 Wp to 600 Wp

1st Made in India modules with an efficiency of over 21%

The Helia Series modules from Jakson are one of the most advanced and powerful PV modules offered in the Indian market and is available in variants ranging from 120, 132, 144, and 156 half-cut cells configuration.

Developed using A+ category half-cut MonoPERC solar cells, and combined with Multi-busbar (MBB) technology & high-density interconnections, the Helia series of PV Modules achieves a class-leading efficiency of over 21%. These hi-tech modules offer significantly better output at higher temperatures and under low-light/ shading conditions and are designed to perform at its peak in the most challenging of environments.

The Helia series of PV modules is a cost-effective solution and will positively impact Return on Investment (ROI) of a solar plant by reducing the requirement of land/ rooftop space. This subsequently translates into a significant reduction in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), balance-of-system (BoS) costs, civil work costs and O&M costs. This makes the Helia series an ideal choice for residential, commercial and utility-scale customers.

Features of Helia Series

  • Module with > 21% Efficiency – Best in Class
  • Manufactured Using MBB (Multi Bus Bar) Technology in Fully Automatic Plant
  • Improved Temperature Coefficient of Pmax (-0.35%/Deg.Celsius) – Better Generation at higher temperature
  • Reduced resistive loss with Half Cut Technology –Better Module Performance every day
  • Low LID Degradation using PERC Technology – Better Power Generation during its Life Cycle year on year
  • Reduced loss during shading effect
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • 100% EL tested for defect free product
  • 10 Year Product Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty
  • Suitable for Rooftop, Large Industries, Utility Power Plants

Why Helia ?

  • Improved plant performance
  • Reduced land cost
  • Lower LOCE and BOS costs
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)

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