With rapid industrialization, India’s energy consumption and requirement is growing at exponential rate over the last decade. According to the BP Energy Outlook survey, India is set to grow its energy consumption by 4.2% a year by 2035. Not just that, India will account for 9 per cent in the global energy share by 2035. Thus, with such growing energy needs, where many regions in India are still power deficit, India needs to look forward to leveraging its energy resources to meet the energy demands. Recently, many industries have adopted solar energy as an alternative to conventional power grids.


Need for the Solar Power

Most parts of India experience sunlight all throughout the day. This sunlight is enough to satisfy the energy needs of many industries. It isn’t necessary to explain that how much energy does the airport premises require. In 2015, the Cochin International Airport became the world’s first solar-powered airport. The airport was also conferred with the Highest Environmental Honour by the United Nations. The example is apt to explain the tremendous potential which solar energy has.

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