Defence - Special Application Gensets

Jakson Group provides customized Defence Repowering Solutions that meet the critical power-backup requirements of the Indian Armed Forces. The Defence Energy Applications vertical was set up a few years back to serve the energy needs of the Indian Defence Forces in line with the Government of India’s policy of “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local” products.

Manufacture of Military Grade DG Sets, Defence Repowering Solutions, Ground Power Units, and Auxiliary Power Units is the niche product capability apart from undertaking projects requiring research and development for the manufacture of power backup and supply units. The versatile defence application solutions offered by Jakson Group meet the stringent quality requirements of the Armed Forces, and have been successfully adopted for direct military application as well as by leading system integrators.

In a short span of a few years, Jakson’s Energy Solutions for the Defence Applications vertical has achieved the capability to develop high-end products complying with JSS-55555, CQAL-640, and EMI/EMC standards for military applications. Jakson has an in-house, well-equipped prototyping shop, R&D facility and an NABL certified testing facility, which contribute to its expertise in developing dynamic power solutions for the Defence Sector. Jakson Group is also a proud member of the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM), a society nurtured and supported by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). SIDM works proactively with the government and other stakeholders to catalyse the Defence Industry's growth in India and strengthen the country's clout in indigenously manufactured defence products leading us to a Self-reliant India.

Jakson Group consistently focuses on building capabilities and offering innovative energy solutions to its valued partners. It strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with modernization in production facilities and constant product improvements.


  • All specialized Military-Grade DG Sets required for Defence application conforming to Mil-Grade 461 specifications for environmental and EMI/ EM Compliance, Power Packs involving the use of Gensets, UPS, battery banks, containers, trailers, etc.
  • Defence Repowering Solutions to meet the indigenous repowering requirements of all tracked and wheeled vehicles (including Self Propelled Guns, tanks and variants including ex import vehicles).
  • Ground Power Units (GPU), which are essentially diesel generating sets for military applications like application in Radar, supply of Air Force gensets, backup power for a range of equipment such as UAV application, backup power for artillery application and back-up power for missile launcher as well as for communication equipment.
  • Customized Auxiliary Power Units (APU) of military equipment conforming to Mil-Grade specifications used for environmental control, battery charging, powering, and backup facilities.

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