Sustainability and environment awareness lie at the heart of the Jakson Group and are a part of its daily endeavors across businesses, offices and ideologies of Jaksonites. Our commitment to social welfare and environment conservation is not limited to our robust Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in this direction, but further extend to our pursuit of sustainability in everything we do, including the buildings we work in and the projects we take up.

We strongly believe in the power of the ‘ability’ which is part of the word ‘sustain-ability’ and makes a huge impact on the planet if practiced sincerely. We consider it as our earnest duty and responsibility to conserve and preserve the environment and to do our best in order to reverse the damage caused to Mother Earth due to decades of industrialization.


All our offices and plants are built in an eco-friendly manner with an aim to use resources efficiently and in a judicious manner. Jakson Group’s Corporate Office in Noida is an IGBC Platinum Rated building and some of the distinguished features are:

Sensor based taps in washrooms to conserve water
Oxygen generating plants in offices & public areas
Zero use of plastic in operations
Charging points for electrical vehicles in the parking
78% of the regularly occupied space receives ample sunlight and is well-ventilated
Ample natural light and fresh air circulation in basement parking as well
40 kW of Solar PV installedon the rooftop
Overall energy savings of 43% and water savings of 66 % over baselines
Motion-sensors in rooms to turn electricity on and off based on people entering and exiting the rooms
Variable frequency drive to sensor cooling needs and regulate accordingly
100% of waste-water is treated up to tertiary level through 30 KLD Aerobic Treatment STP
Green open spaces comprise 16% of the total site
Roof is covered with white coloured china mosaic tiles to reduce heat ingress
91% of the regularly occupied space is exposed to the outside view
96% (approx. 1330 tons) of waste was diverted from landfill during construction
18% (approx. Rs 19 Cr) of the total material cost was spent on procuring materials with high recycled content and salvage value
Carpets and paints with low VOC content have been used. This reduces the occupant’s exposure to harmful chemicals
Green certified housekeeping chemicals are used for cleaning the building


An IGBC LEED Platinum rated hotel, Jakson Inns is the most eco-friendly hotel one would find in the outskirts of Mumbai and Pune. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This one-of-a-kind hotel in Phaltan has been recognized time and again for its unparalleled commitment to environment conservation. Listed below are some aspects that make this hotel a green gem in the true sense:

Energy Conservation

Use of energy efficient CFL / LED lamps for staff as well as guest areas including sensor based lighting, saving electricity consumption.

Fuel conservation

Provision of mass transportation to employees in order to reduce the use of personal vehicles. This in turn helps in reducing air pollution.

CleanEnergy : Solar Power

Installation of 350 Kw Roof Top Solar Plants bringing down electricity costs by 30%.

Water Treatment Plant

The hotel is self-sufficient in its water requirement. It has its own well & borewell. The water from the borewell is sent through waterfiltration process and then used for consumption.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The water from Sewage Treatment plant is used for irrigation and flushing . Thus by recycling the hotel ensures zero water discharge from the site, reducing the pressure on our resources.

Rain Water Harvesting & Water Conservation

To maximise the conservation of water the hotel has installed a Rain Water Harvesting system. All sanitary fixtures are also designed to achieve minimum water discharge.


Jakson Group has built a number of ‘sustainable schools’ and early learning centres in order to address the dearth of learning, especially in the rural parts of the country. We believe that we can encourage students to learn and reduce the dropout rate by building the right infrastructure and curriculum, while simultaneously increasing sustainability in these areas. These sustainable schools also impact young minds and by witnessing environment-friendly practices from such a young age, they grow up with high environment-consciousness which is the need of the hour.

Some of the initiatives undertaken by Jakson in this regard include building of new education wings for higher secondary education, building clean and well-equipped toilets, providing safe drinking water and adding to the infrastructural development of many schools. The objective is to provide the required infrastructure, learning aids and quality education, to create a platform for students to rise and get an opportunity to avail better quality higher education.

On the sustainability side, practices such as rain water harvesting connected with underground water storage systems,installing solarpower plantswhich provideuninterruptedpowersupply to computer labs and classrooms, solar water purifiers, waste segregation at source and so forth are making a huge impact on the lives of children and the quality of education environment in these areas.


Apart from conserving water using the conventional methods of rain water conservation, sensor taps etc. across many locations, Jakson Group’s commitment to water conservation extends to its business practices and products maintenance as well. Since environmental conservation is a way of life at Jakson, the solar power panels at various sites are cleaned by water-less automatic dry-cleaning mechanism which maintains the cleanliness and efficiency of these panels without using a single drop of water. Jakson is always at the forefront of leveraging modern technologies like these to maximize resource conservation and minimize wastage of important resources.


The Company plants trees across all its offices and sites every year to reassure its support towards the environment. The Company has also worked on several large projects that involve restoration of the Aravali forest range where it has removed landfills and replaced them by soil treatment and plantation of trees that are native to the Aravali range such as Neem, Peepal, Bad, Papri, Pilkhan, Gulmohor, Bakaan, and Goolar.

Waste Management:

The Company recently implemented a decentralised waste management system in Anand Vihar East Delhi. The project aimed to promote household waste segregation at source and set up decentralized waste processing facilities for a total of 6000 households in Karkardooma village.

This initiative has not only effectively reduced the open road-side dumping, landfills and miss-management of waste but has also ensured that an equitable service reaches to the residents of the wards, irrespective of their social, political or economic class. It has also helped EDMC save up the cost incurred for the disposal of waste by significantly increasing the treatment potential of the collected waste. The manure created out of the waste is used for maintaining parks, gardens and vegetable farming.

The Company also initiates education programmes on waste segregation at source in the schools & villages it adopts. Such programmes are disseminated by employee volunteers & partner NGO’s which has helped resolve the menace of waste disposal to a large extent.

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