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Setting The Foundation

Started in 1947 with a commitment to make Independent India shine brighter, Jakson Group continues to thrive on its journey to strengthen not only the country but to empower its citizens throughout. Envisioning a self-sufficient India, 75 years back, Mr. Jai Kishan Gupta, initiated a legacy that takes pride in an efficient, diversified portfolio of energy & infrastructure solutions backed by innovation at every step. Since then, Jai Kishan Gupta & Sons (JAKSON) has been a dominant player in the energy & infrastructure industry, serving with excellence & trust.


Gearing up to Generate for Generations

It all began with the Partition of India and Pakistan when Jai Kishan Gupta with his wife & son moved to India from Multan. What started as trading in electrical goods in a small shop at Kamala Market allotted by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, soon flourished into a business that attracted eminent partnerships with Kirloskar & projects like the Bhakra Nangal Dam. And as industrialization boomed in 1970s, the immense potential for diesel gen-sets was realized & in 1979, Jakson set up its first manufacturing unit in Mayapuri Industrial Area, Delhi. Rest was then history!


Propelling Growth

After Satish Kumar Gupta (S/O Jai Kishan Gupta) already established a successful magnate taking over the gen-set manufacturing market in India, it was time for the next generation, Sameer Gupta & Sundeep Gupta, to leave their mark. They brought with them new dreams, fresh perspective & state-of-the-art technology of transforming the genset manufacturing company into one of India’s leading energy and engineering enterprises. While Sameer Gupta, Chairman & MD, looked at the broader picture, Sundeep Gupta, Vice-Chairman and MD, played an instrumental role in the company’s diversification into new business areas such as solar energy and EPC.


Changing energy landscapes in the nation & beyond

Jakson is a leading energy and engineering solutions company offering a range of products and services that help customers effectively meet their diverse needs in a safe and sustainable manner. Jakson core businesses include Distributed Energy, Solar, Electrical & Civil EPC and Defence. It also has investments in Hospitality and Education sector.

Sameer Gupta

The idea for this website was seeded in my mind a few years back during a visit to a leading educational institute in India for an interactive session with students.

Core Values & Purpose

Core Purpose