The Company understands that environments are pivotal to performance orientation. Hence the organization has the right set of values and a positive environment to nurture, retain and develop talent. We hire people early on in their career or those in line with the company's value system and ensure their systematic growth and development within the organization. Good talent is the key to stay competitive and impactful. Hence picking the right talent and investing in it is of crucial importance. The idea is to catch them young, groom them, and enable them to grow within the company.


Jakson has grown from a 60 Crore company to a 2500 Crore company over a short period. It is slated to become even bigger in the next three years. This essentially translates into more opportunities at Jakson and the possibility of a symbiotic relationship wherein the company grows and the people in it also grow along.


We remain committed to capability building of our employees as it is essential to achieve organizational goals. We believe in nurturing talent across levels, and training modules are devised in alignment with the strategic goals of a particular function.

Leadership training programmes are organized for high potential employees with the right set of behavioural skills for future leadership roles. In-house training on managerial skills, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills & other relevant competencies are also regularly organized.

Internship Programmes are unique programmes designed to transform graduates and post graduates into highly competent employees. This program is designed across manufacturing & non manufacturing departments and functions. On successful completion of the internship period, the intern will be assessed on performance, learnings and potential through timely reviews. If selected the intern will be given a Pre Placement Offer.

Jakson also invests in internal talent mobility and helps employees understand why career agility is essential. The organization endeavors to enable career growth at all levels of the organization and not merely based on high potential. Even leaders are encouraged to do a better job at career coaching.

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