Inside Jakson

At Jakson Group, all employees across locations are referred to as one big 'Jakson Family’, a term one would commonly come across in Jakson’s day to day internal and external communication. The usage of this term is not merely limited to communication but is also practiced in the real sense as the organization genuinely cares for its employees as much as one cares about family, and a warm sense of belonging and bonding prevails throughout Jakson.
Founded in 1947, Jakson Group is as old or rather as young as independent India, and these seven decades of pure legacy are not only a result of the engineering excellence and integrity of the organization, but also its unfaltering principles and values which have endured generation after generation. The five core values of Jakson are Integrity, Customer Centricity, Innovation, Teamwork and Care, and they are extensively practiced throughout the length and breadth of the organization.
Jakson HR policies and practices too, are focused on these values and strive to achieve overall employee well-being, driven by an endeavor to creating a pleasant work environment. We promote diversity and equality at the workplace and believe in providing an equal and healthy work environment to every employee irrespective of race, religion, gender, nationality and so on. Jakson strives to foster a culture of openness and camaraderie that reinforces transparency and ownership within the organization. Our HR practices encourage the adoption and implementation of international best practices for the overall betterment of employees. Fostering a sense of pride and gratitude amongst our employees about their association with Jakson is the prime driving force behind all activities undertaken by us.

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