Born as a Genset manufacturing Company, today Jakson has diversified into a wider spectrum in the field of EPC Solutions, Distributed Energy & Solar Power.

During this expansion, Jakson has embraced its philanthropic commitment to Communities & The Environment whole heartedly. It had nurtured & vowed to protect the environment long before the industry envisaged the importance of “ GOING GREEN”. As responsible Corporate citizens Jakson set up a Platinum rated Green Hotel way back in 2012 & took a greater leap of responsibility by building its Head Quarters in Noida that is a Platinum Rated Green Building. We increased our solidarity towards Mother Earth by making these buildings plastic free & engaged in Afforestation & Waste Management Projects, resonating our support towards the Environment.

Our Core Values not only ascertain CARE & Concern for the community, but also delineates the Heart of The Company & its people who stand committed to achieve its Vision of “Improving Lives Through Sustainable Solutions”. We passionately endeavour in supporting the immediate Communities in the Geographies that we operate within & in supporting not just through Grants but through Employee Volunteering even during the times of Crises or Disasters.

Over the last 2 years we have been very successful in supporting education in both- Organised & Unorganised Sectors with over 5000 beneficiaries in the states of UP, Gujrat, Maharashtra & Jammu. Our commitment towards Swatchh Baharat surpasses building washrooms & extends towards creating Educational & Life Skills Programmes focussed on personal as well as environmental health.

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