Diesel Power Plant installation for BALCO

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Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO) Korba, Chattisgarh, a unit of Vedanta Group, is a leading manufacturer of aluminium products. The customer needed a reliable power solution for continuous running of their smelter which, if interrupted by a power supply failure of more than an hour, could lead the molten metal to solidify which would lead to an expensive re-building process. Beating stiff competition, Jakson was chosen as a reliable partner to provide the emergency power to back up black start of 135 MW captive power plant at Korba. With the commissioning of the project in 2011, BALCO became first in the industry to go for black start system for 21 MVA capacity for their 4 x 135 MW power plant catering to huge power demand for the smelter. The project included Supply of 7 nos. 3000 kVA 6.6 KV DG Sets installed in a DG building erected by Jakson, LT-HT Control Panels, Transformer , Crane, BOT Civil Electrical & Mechanical work.

About the Client

Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. (BALCO) is an Indian aluminium company. The company was founded in 1965 as Government of India Public Sector Undertaking. It was acquired by Vedanta Group in the year 2001. BALCO was the first public sector enterprise in India which started producing aluminium in 1974. Major operations of BALCO are in the town of Korba (Chhattisgarh), whereas its mines supplying high grade Bauxite are situated at Kawardha and Mainpat.

Business Need

The client wanted to commission a 21 MVA Diesel Power Plant for its smelter unit in Korba. A smelter unit is an installation for smelting a metal from its ore. The process of smelting involves heating the ore at very high temperatures to extract a metal and needs constant operations without any power failure to maintain required temperatures. To ensure the smelting operations of the plant did not suffer during a power failure, the client decided to operate a diesel power plant that could provide uninterrupted power to the smelter.


Jakson provided a turnkey engineering solution that included design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 12 numbers of 3000 KVA 6.6 KV diesel gensets with all accessories. The plant had to operate at 80% load factor to provide power.

The project included the following key activities:

  • All generator sets synchronised in auto and manual mode with power command controller and master synchronizer
  • Live phasing out on 6.6KV between DG bus and Grid bus for synchronisation of 12 x 3000 kVA DG sets with Grid
  • Complete system for Grid synchronisation in reverse and forward direction
  • SCADA PLC system
  • Start/ Stop/ AMF operation in black out condition
  • Load management
  • Remote monitoring and operation from Central Control room (CCR)
  • All outgoing VCB’s and B/C and tie breakers operation
  • Complete civil works including Power house Building
  • Related auxiliary work
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