Commissioned 2000 KW Gas Genset at Denso India Limited, Noida

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Denso is involved in the manufacturing of automobile components and spares for both four wheelers and two wheelers and has plants located in Greater Noida, Haridwar and Bengaluru.

The project involved Supply, Installation, Erection Testing and Commissioning of a 2000 KW Gas Generator Set with a 375 TR Lithium Bromide VAM (Vapor Absorption Machine) at its plant in Noida Dadri Road. Jakson offered CHP (Combined Heat & Power) from natural gas based generating set & is used in conjunction with a Direct Fired Vapour Absorption machine (VAM) to keep the shop floor cool.

Quick Facts

        • Client : Denso India Limited
        • Project Location : Greater Noida
        • Capacity : 2000 KW Gas Generator Set with a 375 TR VAM
        • Commissioned Date : 15th Jan 2014


Customer Need

Denso Required an eco-friendly solution for exhaust gases from Gensets to be used for cooling the shop floor & to also have a dependable power back up source. 


Jakson solution provided a combination of the Lithium Bromide VAM & 2000 KW Gas genset. The exhaust from the generator sets is directly fired into the Lithium Bromide VAM machine which gives eco-friendly cooling solutions. 

Jakson scope of work included end-to-end solution for continuous back up power for shop floor, detailed study of load requirements, supply, installation and commissioning of generating sets. In addition to this, they were also looking to use the exhaust gases for heat transfer. 

Jakson proposed the solution with Lithium Bromide VAM which is an environmental friendly solution with zero noise and negligible maintenance.  This solution resulted in not only a power back up but also savings in operational costs and proved to be environment friendly. The comfort cooling as a result of this solution increased worker productivity & also proved to be a motivational tool for workers.

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