Driving Solar Sustainability Requires Pragmatic Approach

Off grid Solar Power Packs

Solar, a source which has the potential to generate approx. 748 GW of power, using 3% wasteland in India, has been growing at a phenomenal rate. From a meagre 461 MW in 2011 solar power installations increased to 19,538 MW in Feb 2018, growing more than 40 fold in less than 7 years. With the increase in capacity additions the tariffs were affected by an inverse effect, falling from Rs 15/KWh in 2009 to Rs 2.44 /KWh in 2017, drawing attention of domestic as well as international players to leverage profits from this promising sector. Though the reduction in prices…

Understanding solar tracking systems for PV power plants

Solar module tracking systems

Solar module tracking systems are motorized mechanical racking systems that orient a solar array towards the sun. A tracker optimizes the angle at which panels receive solar radiation thereby maximizing electricity production of a solar plant. The angle at which the sun’s rays meet the surface of the solar panel determines how well the panel can convert the incoming light into electricity. This is known as the “angle of incidence”. The narrower the angle of incidence, the more energy a photovoltaic panel can produce. Solar trackers help to minimize this angle by working to orient panels so that light strikes perpendicular…

Evolution of Solar Module Technology over the years

Solar Module Technology

Solar technology has been around, in some form or the other, for a long time. Although some people consider solar power as a new age technology, scientists have actually been working with solar cells for almost 200 years. The evolution of solar modules for electricity generation has been a slow but worthwhile undertaking. A solar cell (also called photovoltaic cell or photoelectric cell) is a solid state electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. While  there are several variants of solar cells, the two most common ones are those made of Crystalline…

Rooftop Solar promises a green future for India

Rooftop Solar promises a green future for India

The emergence of renewable technologies is a boon for the future of our planet. Though, the damage done by burning of fossil fuels can’t be reversed, it is however possible, to alter and reduce further impact of green house gases on our environment by adopting green technologies. Several experts cite, that humanity has breached the point of return on climate change, however there is hope that by curtailing our dependence on fossils we can ensure a liveable future for the coming generations. The arduous mission of creating 175 GW of renewable power by 2022, by the government of India, has…

A Brief Overview of the Solar Industry in India

solar modules

For decades, India remained a power deficit nation with a demand-supply gap of almost 12%. This trend was largely due to heavy dependence on coal and other non-renewable sources of energy. Fluctuations in domestic production of coal, import price of coal and global economic and political factors always created a challenge for India to effectively bridge its electricity demand and supply gap. The policy makers in India realised that renewables offered a viable solution for the country to meet its high energy needs not just for the present but for the future as well. Potential of both wind and solar…